Build Your Strategy to Separate Your Business Offering from Competitors!


Businesses Challenges Related to Market Posture!

Technology has exponentially accelerated dynamic changes in most industries. Executives can get comfortable with success and not be ready for continual changes in the market.

Many businesses have advantages but get caught in the trap of marketing and selling the same features and benefits as competitors. Distinct advantages have to be established, marketed and sold as foundational to separation in the market.

Competing without Power Positions or distinct advantages in a dynamic market without promoting and selling advantages over adversaries creates downward pricing pressure.

Continued market pressure toward commodity pricing eventually drives down earnings and limits ability to expand market share. Escape commodity price and low earnings trap by utilizing Power Positions to create market leverage.

In today’s dynamic environment, normal rules for success or even survival are non-existent. Completely commit to repositioning business model on a continual basis, staying nimble, creating advantages, staying ahead of the market.


Create Your Power Position!

Strategic planning for a power position starts with a clear understanding of your industry and where your business fits in the future economy. Leverage and understand the potential future trends, changes and opportunities of the future economy and impact on your industry.

Dominating business strategy is built on your organization’s advantages relative to industry marketplace competitors. The ability to identify your power position(s) or unique attributes desired by customers is essential to creating a dominant posture.

Clarify your market strengths and build themes and images of these attributes to separate your business from competitors.

Power position themes are woven through all service and product offerings reflecting standard industry offerings emphasizing advantages. All media seen by customers should reflect the power position consistently pitched to embed advantages in the mind of clients and prospects.

Communicate internally through sales, customer service, operations the cultural importance of unique advantages. Build internal mechanisms to provide continual sales and operational support for power position attributes.

Establish successful cultural power positioning of attributes through internal and external media to allow for a shift to stronger leverage for potential pricing and revenue increase opportunities. Analyze all aspects of prices for products and services relative to market pricing to identify individual opportunities to adjust dials to create additional revenue update per unit of products or services.


Our goal with each client will be to provide a candid external voice to help clients capture or create their advantages or power in their market and use these attributes to provide dominant positioning…a value-added, higher margin offering…separating from competitors in the eye of clients.

Create steady growth and profits in future years by developing a strategy to accentuate, communicate your advantages through your products and services.