Robust Earnings Are Foundational To Long Term Success!

“The earnings difference between one company and another are the nickels and dimes rolling around the floor.” Denson Parker

Staff Financing Strategy

Utilize Limited Dollars for Employee Growth & Maximum Earnings Impact!

Evaluate All Vendors & Purchases!

Be Prepared to Review & Change Any Vendor, Product or Process!

Materials & Services

Evaluate every material and service essential to your business looking for opportunities to achieve lower costs whether through changing products, vendors, or processes without sacrificing quality.

Supplies & Overhead Materials

Tighten approvals for ordering all overhead or supply items. Evaluate each item for opportunities to attain lower costs or eliminating unnecessary purchases. Be open to changing any vendor, any product, any process.

Consolidate Vendors

Look for opportunities to consolidate vendors or form new relationships to achieve lower costs in exchange for expanded sales. Vendors may have ideas to change products or procedures for cost savings.

Emphasize Operational Efficiency!

Create A Culture of Speed, Productivity, Rewarding for Outstanding Effort!

Review all operational positions for opportunities to consolidate functions, automate processes, build software applications to eliminate or automate processes. Figure out how to analyze an employee function using technology and common sense to increase their productivity.

Review visually physical employee movements and workflow for adjustments to expand output. Evaluate information flow for each employee for redundancies, inefficiencies, and deficiencies. Look for opportunities to use software tools to speed functions, reduce delays and improve information flow.

Customer, vendor, inventory, order, and other information should only be handled once and subsequently be available for access electronically without necessity of manual processes or printed documents.

Across the organization, utilize custom software applications and database information built to automate employee processes increasing speed and accuracy relying more on software, database information and less on employee knowledge.

Work with equipment suppliers to analyze opportunities for automation utilizing updated technology. Evaluate cost/benefit info to compare depreciation versus reduced staffing costs. Focus on generating more revenue per employee.

Collaborate with business partners to provide outside perspective analyzing all facets of operations seeking innovative best practices to streamline procedures. Effort should be concentrated on eliminating unnecessary work and reducing hours per dollar of revenue.


Connect Financial Outcomes to Management & Employee Income Rewards!

“Increasing overall profits is accomplished by improving many small things one at a time.”