Utilize Ultramodern Technology & Expertise In All Conceivable Business Functions!

Non-core business functions not directly related to creating sales or income are a distraction to management creating opportunities for out-sourcing to a 3rd party partner. The purpose of outsourcing is to reduce distraction from core business functions, reduce costs, and acquire the latest knowledge and proficiency in peripheral areas of the business.

Core business functions directly related to creating business power positions, business proficiency, generating sales or income should be supported by expert internal management members. By focusing on core business processes, the management team narrows down the scope of emphasis to primary technology, business functions and operations.

Develop and utilize in-house or 3rd party software and analytics technology to attract new clients and monitor the acquisition process. Develop and analyze internal digital feedback to grow and retain existing clients using processes to detect opportunities, happiness or dissatisfaction of clients.

Cost-efficient investments in cloud services, hardware, software, and automated equipment can be effective measures to reduce fixed costs and labor costs improving overall productivity and profitability.

Invest in operational software and process automation to reduce staffing costs by automating internal processes in customer service, sales, marketing, operations, production, accounting, or any department. Employ less people per dollar of billing and increase per person wages while increasing earnings and employee retention.


Collaborate With Technology Partners To Enhance Client Acquisition and Retention!


Planning, Design, Cloud, Security, Monitoring All Facets of Network Management!

Given the elevated cost of C level executives, companies requiring CIO/CTO expertise should consider outsourcing part or all IT related strategy to business partners with real-world expertise capable of providing progressive technology guidance and solutions. In today’s dynamic environment of technology innovation, cyber security threats, compliance and legal exposure, organizations require expertise and forward-thinking specialists to navigate integration of business strategy with enterprise technology planning, implementation and oversight.

Rapidly evolving technological changes are shifting the typical enterprise infrastructure environment from localized servers to Cloud-Based Server and Virtual Server environments. Organizations will need to transition to the next generation enterprise environment that provides cost reductions, lower capital expenditures, greater flexibility, enhanced speed and increasingly sophisticated cyber security technology. Experienced specialists will be essential to advise, plan, implement and support migrations and oversight of future cloud and virtual network environments.

Network and data security is a foundational area of discipline for all viable organizations, creating internal and external information and network security, controls and business risk protection. Cyber Security controls, compliance, documentation, encrypted data, system testing, and disaster recovery positioning are vital proactive functions and processes necessary for all organizations. Eliminate risk by collaborating with highly competent business partners with a proven track record.

In today’s dynamic environment of technology innovation, cyber security threats, compliance and legal exposure, organizations require expertise and forward-thinking specialists to navigate integration of business strategy with enterprise technology planning, implementation and oversight. Work closely with a qualified partner to build your network architecture and security solutions and provide continuous expert support is vital to success.

Outsource responsibility for day to day support functions and system maintenance oversight including essential IT security services, HIPS, IPS, scans, back up and disaster recovery processes, application support and trouble-shooting, and asset management. Additionally services required include ITIL service desk management, IT infrastructure monitoring, and patch management for workstations and servers.


Evaluate All Operational Opportunities For Automation & Cost Savings!

Database Management

Invest in professional database expertise to make sure structure of data foundationally sound.

Database Quality Essential

Automation across the organization through software systemizing, operational data requirements, and accounting process streamlining depends on foundationally sound database design.

Software Automation

Software development is vital to automating processes and increasing profitability.

Software Creates Efficiency Opportunities

Develop software programs across the organization in all departments to automate processes to reduce staffing costs, reduce errors, and speed up operations.

Payroll & Benefits

Utilize business partner’s existing systems to automate all payroll and HR info while reducing costs.

Staffing, HR, Benefits Management

Managing benefits, payroll, HR employee info has become a specialized space with significant legal liabilities. Rely on a competent partner to manage or support your efforts in this area.

Operations Automation

Evaluate business processes with vendor/partners for automation and best practices ideas.

Evaluate Every Operation for Efficiencies

Enlist business partners to review all processes to gain insight into industry best practices that can be implemented to gain elevated efficiency, automation, and cost savings.

Shipping Automation

Employ shipping vendors software integration opportunities to improve processes.

Shipping Systems Integration Opportunities

Collaborate with transportation vendors for automated work flow, lower costs, information speed, and better customer service feedback.

Accounting Support

Engage highly competent accounting professionals to back up Accounting Staff and reduce costs.

Outside Technical Account & Software View

Utilize extremely capable outside accounting and software support vendor to provide best practices feedback, enhanced financial controls and lower in-house accounting staff costs.